20 August 2009

In the National League, the elongated double switch shows again why pitching statistics are quite poorly attributed.  A traditional double switch involves the manager inserting a position player into the game  for the current pitcher and a new pitcher for a position player--typically one who just made an out, so that the new pitcher won't be batting for nearly a full trip through the lineup.

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9 September 2008

        Titans fans should be a little worried about there young quarterback Vince Young.  Monday night, Young left his house at about 7 p.m. without any means of contact with him.  When a friend contacted Jeff Fisher, the head coach, about his concern for Young’s emotional well being, Fisher called the Nashville police to help find Young.  Fisher wanted to make sure that Young’s well-being and emotional state were in check seeing has how Young seemed down most of the day. Young was found to be at a friend’s house, and he was described as seeming emotionally down.  At about 11:30, Young was taken to the Titans practice facility where Jeff Fisher, the police, and Young exchange a few words. Young would later depart roughly 30 minutes later.  Don Aaron, a police spokesman, says that once they had a face to face talk with Young, they didn’t find anything to suggest that he was in an emotionally down state.  Aaron did say that Young had an unloaded firearm in the glove compartment, but it wasn’t load (this is legal as long as there is no ammo present).   

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